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Tough Girls Stamp by GunnerGurl

Mostly Female Gallery by The-Yuri-Canon


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OTA Adopt Batch 1 - OPEN by Stygian-Geist
OTA Adopt Batch 1 - OPEN
Yay, I'm trying adoptables. They are offer to adopt.

1: Only one per person for the moment.
2: I will pick whoever gives me the best offer (Art or points)
3: Reselling is allowed.
4: PLEASE notify me if you resell the adopt.
5: Do not steal

1. [X] - Gothamed
2. [ ] - OPEN
3. [X] - MelNocturne

Base by: Vonibuu // Designs by Me
Family health issues are coming up unusually frequently, so my adoptables may be posted a bit later than planned. Sorry!
  • Mood: Nervous
So. It's been over a year since I've posted anything art-wise. >.> I will be posting adoptables in the next few days if anyone is interested, however. My art is still not the best, but let me know if it's something you'd be interested in. Hopefully I still have at least some watchers still. |D
  • Mood: Embarrassed
a) Use as many characters as you please. 
b) If you're a big freak about staying in character, I'd recommend that YOU answer. Not your character/s because, let's face it, not all characters would spill their beans. 
c) You don't have to tag anyone, but it's highly expected. 
d) Don't worry too much about grammar--this is development. Not an English test. 

Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character's full name?
-Seina Tenebrae Alanis
-- Katja Ledore Dalston

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who? 
--Yup yup. 

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?
-Seina was considered the 'star' child of the Alanis family. (Seina means star)
--No special meaning.

2a. How old are they now? 
-Seina is currently 18 years of age.
--Katja is 19.

2b. When were they born? 
-She's kind of in a future era, so she was born July 4th, 2007
--Katja is normal time, so June 3rd, 1995.

2c.Where were they born?

3a. What's their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.) 
- Born into a high class family
-- Born into a middle class family

Section 2: Lifestyle 

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?
-She doesn't have a job.
--She had a job as a waitress, but had to quit.

1b. What motivates them to keep doing this job?
-No job. |D
--No job. |D

1c. What job would they rather have?
--Someone that works with kids

2a. What are their religious views?

3a. What have they accomplished? When?
-So many murders, dying, running her own town and getting married, all in a year.
--Surviving her elder foster siblings abuse.

4a. Are they apart of any organizations? 

5a. What do they do in their free time?
-Torture, sing, spend time with her spouse.
--Dance, listen to music, sing.

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality. 
-Mentally not all there. She was possessed by two very dark and evil entities, just know as the Queen and Phantom. They cause all sorts of havoc in her mind and as a result, is very sadistic and uncaring rather than her usual shy and scared. She still acts shy and scare, but mainly only around her spouse and best friend.
--Katja is usually very kind and caring, but will get mad if someone refuses to do something that is deemed necessary. When she is mad, she will swear. Otherwise, she tries to remain respectful in her speech.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?
-Sadist usually gets peoples attention.
--I don't think her personality stands out.

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?
-She's the pessimistic sort. She was killed on her wedding day and brought back through having to share her soul. You try being an optimist after that.
--Realist, but still tries to be optimistic.

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?
-She tries to rely on thought and fact, but usually ends up relying on feeling.
--Tends to rely on thought and fact.

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?
-She does. It's kind of morbid, which pisses off her loved ones a lot though, since she will make jokes about the fact she died.
--Yeah. Rarely uses it though.

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?
-The fact that she never wants her wife to see her die again.
--She wants to make her dead parents proud.

7a. What do they desire from life?
-To be a singer and to be with her wife forever.
-- She wants to be near her friends for as long as possible.

8a. What are they afraid of? 
-Losing her wife and children and also dying again.
--Her elder foster siblings, since she was very badly abused by them.

9a. Are they superstitious about anything?
-Not really.
--Kind of, but not really.

10a. What secrets do they keep, if any?
-She keeps a lot of secrets, mainly about how she feels.
-- She keeps a lot of secrets as well. Her biggest ones are that her back is scarred to hell and back due to her foster siblings and that she was abused at all.

10b. How well are these secrets kept?
-Pretty well.
--Pretty damn well. She never makes any mention to her abuse.

Section 3: Mental Abilities

1a. What can/cannot they do mentally? (e.i. IQ, certain school subjects, mental/emotional health) 
-Seina is a genius at schoolwork and music, but not so much at social anything. Her mental health is long since gone.
--Katja is street-smart, but also book smart. She's okay-ish at school stuff and her social stuff leaves much to be desired. She has fairly stable mental health.

1b. What are they strongest at?

1c. What are they weakest at?
-Mental stability
--School in general

2a. What do they like to do? 

3a. What do they hate to do?
-Be social with anyone outside her friend group.
--Be in stressful situations, since she freezes up quite badly.

4a. Were they educated?
-Very much so. One of the very, very few reasons she was ever allowed to leave her house was for school. When she was at home, she was forced to study pretty much non-stop.
--Yes, she was.

4b. If so, did they enjoy it?
-She didn't enjoy it when she was little, but now loves it.
-- She enjoys it to a point.

4c. For how long?
-Not as a kid, but currently does.

Section 4: History

1a. Did they have a good childhood? A bad one?
-She had a pretty bad childhood. She saw her sister be abused, she could never leave the house when she wanted to, etc, etc.
--She had a fairly normal, happy childhood until she was six. When she was six, her house was broken into and her parents were shot and killed in front of her. She was found hiding by police and sent to an orphanage.

1b. What do they remember the most about it?
-She remembers being able to do nothing to help her sister.
--Seeing her parents be killed.

2a. What were/are their teen years like?
-Fairly the same as her childhood, though her sister disappeared when she was 13. She became fairly emotionless at home, but would be happy-hyper at her best friends house; something she really needed.
--Bad. She was adopted around the age of 10 by the Herzen family. The parents were kind, but hardly ever home. She was made to take care of the younger foster siblings by the older ones. In addition to this, the older siblings would abuse her horribly. Their favorite thing to do was pin Katja down and carve various insults into her back. One time she fought back. It didn't end well. She was forced to stay locked in the basement and was only let out when she was almost dead from starvation. After that, she never fought back. She made friends with a local gang leader (though she didn't know it at the time, but eventually found out) and they became rather close. However, he was shot and so she had to take him to the hospital. The one they were closest to was a very shitty hospital in terms of doctors having terrible bedside manner and just wanting money. After she had paid the bills out of her own pocket, she was told that her friend had died in surgery. (He didn't) When she turned 18 a couple weeks later, the younger siblings were old enough to go to school and so, the older siblings (quite literally) kicked Katja out. She got a job after living on the streets for a while and was able to get her own place.

3a. What have they had to struggle to accomplish?
-She struggles to be a good sister and wife.
--She struggles to trust most people fully.

4a. What do they regret the most, if anything?
-Not being able to help her sister.
--Not being able to save her parents and friend.

5a. How did they end up on their current path? Was it their choice?
-Seina ending up on her current path was a mix of choice and fate.
--Mainly choice.

6a. Did anything serious happen that changed them forever? 
-She got killed in an experiment on her wedding day while her wife was forced to watch. She came back to life though with the help of a Geist named Xi.
--She watched her parents die and her best friend get shot. She has a terrible phobia of guns as a result.

Section 5: Family

1a. Who are their parents?
-Pavel Broman and Tamako Alanis
--Anton and Sophia Dalston

1b. What are their parents' races?
-Dad is vampiric incubus, mom was vampiric succubus.
-Both were human.

1c. Are they still alive?
-Dad is alive, mom died a horrible, well-deserved death.
--Both were shot and killed in front of Katja.

2a. Do/did they have any siblings? How many?
-Half-sister and several other half-siblings she knows nothing about.
--Biological, no. She has several foster siblings. 3 younger, 2 older.

2b. Are they still alive?
-Yup yup.
--Yes, they are.

3a. Where did the family originate?
-Her family originated in England and Japan.
--Her family is from Germany.

3b. How has it changed from the last generation to the current?
-Dunno really.

Section 6: Relationships

1a. What do other people think of them?
-That she's a stuck up bitch.
--Polite, nice, quiet.

2a. What is their sexual orientation?
--Bisexual, but leans more towards liking girls.

3a. Are they involved with anyone romantically? Who?
-Her wife.
--No one yet.

3b. What do they like/love about this person? What do they dislike/hate?
-Everything. (Seina's a sap. |D)
--Not applicable.

4a. Do they have a best friend? Who?
-Alaric Machiavelli. He's a derp and a serious.
--Nikolai Altava. He's a gang leader. |D

4b. Why are they best friends?
-Seina saved Alaric's life and he got clingy.
--They kind of (literally) ran into each other and hit it off quite well. If Nikolai isn't around, Katja's in charge of the gang and they surprisingly listen to her, despite the fact she's only 5' tall.

4b. Any other friends?
-Some. She gets close to only a select few.
--She has a few current friends, but is expecting them to abandon her in time.

5a. Do they hate anyone? Does anyone hate them? Who?
-She hates her mother and (I guess) step-dad, everyone that abused Chiara, herself, and what is dubbed the 'Idiot Brigade'
--She hates her older foster siblings, but tries her best to never make it known.

Section 7: Extra

1a. Is there anything else important that you have to share about this character?
  • Seina is able to use the powers of one of the entities that possessed her.
  • Katja can speak a few languages including German, English, and ASL.
  • Seina speaks a multitude of languages and can see ghosts. She learned various languages to be able to talk to some.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Back Home - Andy Grammer
  • Reading: Dorothy Must Die
  • Playing: Wind Waker
  • Eating: Ramen (Yay, college student)


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